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The Foundation for Community Development Inc.


provide ongoing support to local communities and non-profits through numerous charitable giving strategies


building stronger communities

building stronger communities together

community investment initiatives


Charles "Josh" Poore

President / C0-founder

Josh Poore is the founder and president of Omni Solutions Agency LLC in Easton, Maryland. Born and raised in St. Michaels, Josh is enthusiastic about helping local non-profits achieve their missions.

Matthew Albers

Vice President / Co-founder

Matt Albers is the founder and CEO of DRS Wealth Management in Easton, Maryland. A native of Lynchburg, Virginia, Matt currently resides in Easton, Maryland with his wife Dianna.

Andrew Tawney

Treasurer / Co-Founder

Andrew Tawney is the managing partner of Tawney Accounting Group in Easton, Maryland. A native of Easton, Maryland, Andrew residents in Denton with his wife Kelly and two children.

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