Rink2Reef Chesapeake Bay

Oyster Restoration Habitats from broken hockey sticks

About Rink2Reef

Rink2Reef was created by Professor and Collegiate Ice Hockey Coach Bob Wasno. Coach Wazno and his players and students recognized an opportunity after discarding the broken hockey sticks and wanting to do more than having them end up in a landfill.

The sticks are made up inert, non-recyclable materials such as carbon fiber which will not breakdown or leach into the water.

The Rink2Reef program uses these otherwise useless broken sticks to create habitat for oysters, sponges and other filter-feeding aquatic organisms that remove pollutants and excessive nutrients from local waterways.
Broken sticks are constructed into a reef and suspended from docks by homeowners, business owners and environmental enthusiasts allowing the structures to be home to up to 400 oysters and other small aquatic sea life.