The Foundation for Community Development, Inc. looks to support local communities

 The Foundation for Community Development, Inc. is proud to announce its grand opening after being formally recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 public charitable organization on June 29th, 2019. The Foundation will support local communities with a broad range of charitable giving opportunities.

 Through its mission to create thriving and sustainable communities, the foundation will serve as a conduit for charitable giving; connecting donors with local worthwhile causes. The foundation will also support aspiring non-profits by providing smart growth strategies and guidance. And finally, the foundation will seek federal and state funding to bring additional economic growth opportunities to rural communities.

 “We really feel the foundation will serve a large need in our area.” Says Charles “Josh” Poore, current Co-Founder and Board Member of The Foundation for Community Development, Inc. “Our goal is the help other charitable organizations, seek funding for economic and infrastructure projects and connect donors will local community-based organizations.”

 A key aspect of the foundation, according to Poore, is its incubator model to help nurture charitable ideas into structured organizations. “We want to support community members who have great charitable ideas but may not know how to turn them into businesses or operating non-profits.” Poore continues, ” Our model helps put process and infrastructure in place so as charitable ideas grow, the administrative operation can grow with it.” The model assists with startup applications, tax filings, management, technology and marketing.

Co-Founder and Board Member Matt Albers goes on to say, “Importantly, we recognize that charities and charitable ideas are snowflakes, each is unique. With that in mind, we developed a robust cafeteria plan of services rather than the one size fits all methodology.   Our members will never be required to waste valuable resources on things that don’t further their mission.“

The Foundation for Community Development, Inc. is headquartered in Easton, Maryland at 8859 Mistletoe Drive, Suite A and seek development opportunities in Maryland, Delaware, Northern Virginia and surrounding states. Anyone with inquiries is encouraged to email the foundation at [email protected] or contact them directly at 443.496.3003