Building Stronger Communities Together

 The Foundation for Community Development connects donors with local, worthwhile charitable causes in meaningful ways, while helping to build stronger non-profits, stronger funds, and stronger teams together. Working to build stronger communities together is at the heart of everything the Foundation for Community Development does, including advancing its mission to provide ongoing support to local communities and non-profits through numerous charitable strategies.

In addition, the Foundation supports organizations seeking non-profit status by providing smart growth strategies, development opportunities and guidance. In order to successfully fulfill their missions, many charitable ideas and grassroots organizations need business infrastructure to grow and connect with donors. The Foundation for Community Development helps connect organizations with professional assistance in order to create stronger communities together.

And on behalf of its community partners, the Foundation can also pursue federal and state funding to bring additional economic growth opportunities to rural communities in need.

Start Your Non-Profit

Start Your Non Profit

With the support of The Foundation for Community Development, turn your charitable dream into an operating organization in as little as one day.
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Establish A Fund

Establish a Fund

Establishing a fund at The Foundation for Community Development allows fiscal sponsorship so you may receive full tax incentives for your charitable contributions.
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Professional Assistance

Professional Assistance

Work with proven industry professionals to establish your non-profit or grow your organization. The knowledge, tools and expertise when you need it.
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Please contact us if you have any questions about establishing your non-profit, establishing a fund or getting professional assistance for your organization.